Artificial Grass

The beautiful, lush green, fire retardant, fade resistant, long lasting (20years) artificial grass is an ideal surface for the city life.

The artificial grass is virtually maintenance free, quick draining, needs no watering, no fertilizers and no mowing, leaving you more time for your precious weekends. With a warranty of 8 years, this grass is certified lead free and resists germ build up.

With clients covering all kinds of estate plans from residential to commercial, new or old, on terraces, balconies, lawns, indoor landscaping, near swimming pools, backyards, pet areas.. There are many clients in India experiencing lush lawns, lighter water bills, effortlessly beautiful spaces and happier kids!!!

Experience our service, experience the world of artificial grass.


  •  Nearest to Natural Grass
  •  No mud, weeds and Mowing
  •  Low Maintenance
  •  Fade Resistant & Fire retardant
  •  All weather and all purpose lawn
  •  No Fertilizers and Pesticides required
  •  Economical in long life
  •  Heavy, rough and tough usage
  •  Fast water Drainage


  •  FIFA certified
  •  DIN standards (European Standards) for  Water Permeability and UV stability
  •  8 years limited warranty for Color stability
  •  Lower Traction
  •  Comfortable sliding tackles
  •  Excellent design for ease of movement
  •  Softened surface with sand and rubber
  •  Conformity to ball bouncing norms
  •  High resistance to UV rays

Product Details

  •  10 mm Landscape
  •  9 mm Currly
  •  13 mm Multisports
  •  25 mm Landscape
  •  38 mm Landscape
  •  40 mm Sports